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The Excelleron Difference

From the root word, to “excel”, or to move ahead, we also derive the word, “excellence”, which describes a condition or standard of perfection.  This is that state to be attained and rarely something that occurs without effort. It is from this basis that all of our programs and services begin to take shape as our various consulting and coaching models are set into motion. As such, our company’s foundation is based on the belief that our customers’ needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best business coaching and consulting services in the industry.

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"As a former professional athlete, I know the value of coaching! Brendan is my personal business coach and I have been very happy with my results. He has helped me focus in on what I must do to set myself apart from the rest in the very competitive insurance industry. I am confident Brendan’s professional experience and knowledge can help you as well! Top qualities: great results, good value, high integrity" 
Adam Lingner, Leading Business Executive, Life Long competitor, 4 time Super Bowl Player. May 2009

Results and Testimonials from Business Consulting and Coaching Clients

Success with Excelleron

Excelleron Speaking Engagements

  • Dennis Atkinson, Creekside Funding

    "Brendan has been instrumental with selflessly helping me grow my business..  I attended a number of Brendan’s speaking engagements, in which I was very impressed with his excitement..."

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  • Keith Braun, Signature Property

    "I have had the privilege of hearing Brendan speak on several occasions and attended his latest business seminar. . If you haven’t had the opportunity to read Brendan’s book, listen to him speak.."

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  • Stephen Tomaselli, PHH Mortgage Corp.

    "It was a pleasure to work with Brendan Cunningham. His relentlessly positive attitude was contagious and his true talent really appeared in speaking in front of large groups.."

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  • Donna Moy-Bruno, ERA Key Realty

    "I am extremely fortunate to know Brendan and to have experienced several of his workshops. His personal hands-on  eperience combined with his dynamic personal presence, creates..."

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  • Rashard Gathers, Realogy Corporation

    "...Confidence, Charisma and Credibility. He captivates audiences and individuals one-on-one with his extraordinary presentation style, sound business acumen and expertise..."

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One-to-One Coaching

  • Becky Powell, Stovroff & Taylor

    "Brendan is an unbelievable and integral part of any business plan. His level of knowledge and experience is unsurpassed in the industry and matched with a peerless sense of enthusiasm that he brings to each and every client."

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  • Rachel Suminski, Employee Benefits

    "Brendan is an experienced professional who has his finger on the pulse of what’s happening… , he is a natural-born mentor and advisor… It is a privilege to work with someone.."

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  • Dennis Atkinson, Expert Moving

    "The gains have benefited my business in my personal growth as a business owner and will pay off for years to come....I have been able to focus on what items benefit my business financially..."

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  • Harold Cameron, Radio Host

    "I found the information he provided to be transformative in nature and that by implementing some of the ideas he suggested we could have more control over our lives..."

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  • Rita Kikoen, President

    "…a true trusted advisor…any individual or business looking to excel beyond their highest expectations should work with Brendan. His knowledge of business.." 

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Group Coaching

  • Kevin Comerford, Realogy Corporation

    "On all occasions Brendan has been able to help people and organizations to perform at a higher level. Brendan instantly connects with various types of people and has a natural ability..."

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  • Anthony Segrich, ERA

    "Brendan was instrumental at helping ERA Boston Real Estate Group forge a plan for growth and success. His knowledge and expertise helped us become..."

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  • Debra Agliano, Deb on the Web

    "Brendan had the difficult task of educating, motivating and helping an extremely diverse group of people at many different sized companies and grow.."

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  • James Engel, St. Aubin

    "We have found Extended DISC® to be an extremely useful and popular tool in a variety of contexts. We have used it to help build interpersonal results in sales, customer service..."

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Brendan Cunningham

  • Mary Suto, Crye Leike Realtors

    "... He is always on top of his game, a sheer joy as a person and professional. If you have opportunity to work with him, do it!"

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  • PJ Martin Smith, Realogy Corporation

    "Brendan consistently achieves optimal outcomes by focusing on the Results. He methodically researches and analyzes an environment then systemically builds..."

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  • Eric Degen, TITAN Business

    "Brendan brings an arsenal of unique experiences and insight to the table. He has a profound descriptive sense that enables him to provide a level of clarity and meaning that is quite impressive..."

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  • Bill Curtin, Curtin-Cleanstep

    "Brendan is a born communicator. He is excellent at presentations. Always leaves his audiences with a good feeling and well informed on the subject matter that he is presenting..."

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  • Dennis Cunningham, Wachovia Securities

    "…I found him to be creative, resourceful and a visionary seeing opportunity and great turnaround situations. Particularly in difficult times his sense of humor..."

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So, it’s up to YOU now... will you merely decide to do something about your current business situation or will you actually jump in and start working on it? If you have chosen the latter, and we certainly hope that you have, please contact us today.  If you’re ready, we are too. Enough said.


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