One-On-One Coaching

This program is for the business owner or leader who is particularly serious about making changes in his or her organization and by extension in themselves.

We will meet on a regular basis (either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly) for an hour to an hour and a half, and by phone as necessary. (This last inclusion is especially valuable to our clients who see it as a lifeline, much like we saw on the popular game show, "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?") We will work through in-depth assessment tools to assess the current state of the business, determine what needs to change and by how much, establish metrics, build a plan to get there and work together. Your coach holds you, the business owner, accountable to make the changes already agreed upon. The recommended minimum duration for this level of coaching is one year. Unfortunately, there is no magic wand. Meaningful change and improvement takes hard work, time and effort.

group coachingGroup Coaching

This section is undergoing revision and amplifications. The new and improved program with all modifications will be rolled out by January 1, 2012

Business Effectiveness Tactical Analyses (The B.E.T.A. Program)

This is no simple questionnaire. It is a specific in depth analyses developed by Excelleron which upon completion, will provide you with so much more than a mere "snapshot" of where your business is today.

You will know what is working in your company and have a clear fix on issues that may be keeping you from achieving that illusive "next level." YOU will gain greater insights into potential threats that are looming on your businesses horizon and you will have an action plan on what you need to do to avert pending disasters.

Extended Disc® Behavioral Profile Analysis

This is a powerful tool, which provides powerful insight into you or your team’s natural behavioral and management style.

This is a simple 24 question assessment which is completed online.

"Brendan had the difficult task of educating, motivating and helping an extremely diverse group of people at many different sized companies and grow their business (and all at the same time). Brendan somehow found a way to do this!"

The outcome is a very thorough report which we will review in detail with you if you’d like. This assessment can be a great tool for getting a better understanding of how you should deal with others most effectively (staff, clients, even family and friends).

This assessment is also a great tool for evaluating your staff to determine the tendencies and make-up of the team. It will provide you with greater insight on how to achieve maximum performance from your existing team or what types of resources you need to hire to fill out your team. Brendan J. Cunningham is a Certified Extended DISC Facilitator.

Brendan J. Cunningham and Excelleron Business Consulting, LLC is a founding member of VentureStreet, a collaborative, well rounded, marketing resource unlike anything else on the web. Their philosophy is designed to help you build a team of professionals that can help you market and discover new ways for you to manage your business, while at the same time providing you with a sounding board for your ideas.

We are also members of the Gershon Lehrman Group’s® Financial and Business Services Council and their Consulting Management Platform™the World’s Largest Marketplace for Expertise, and the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce in Hamburg, New York.

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