Catching Monkeys in Business

As a business coach, when I recognize that my clients are at an impasse, sometimes I ask them this question:

"How do you catch a monkey?"

Usually, they are perplexed by the question. The last person I asked shot back with:

"What the heck, does that have to do with anything?"

But I pressed on:

"Stick with me, because I am going somewhere."

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How Do You Spell Change?

Many of you remember the popular antacid commercial that asked; "How do you spell relief: R-O-L-A-I-D-S." So having said that, let me ask all you word smiths out there, or those that like things spelled out in nice mathematical formulae; is there a formula for change? Well as it turns out there is, and it looks like this: D x V x F > R

How's that again? Pretty simple right? Actually, it really is fairly straightforward, and simple to understand, once we tell you what the characters mean. It is, however, not necessarily all that simple to implement. Ok, for those of you that skipped Algebra, here's what the formula means: let's look at it again, D x V x F > R, where...

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Business Essentials in the 21st Century

Professional business coaches, who work with small to medium-sized businesses, are frequently approached when business starts to fall off and sales start to slip. Much like a chiropractor, rarely does a person seek them out until they experience an acute pain. What people seldom realize is that pain is a symptom. The regrettable part, and as any good doctor will tell you as they are making their diagnosis, is that although pain is in fact a symptom, it is usually the last symptom. Sales' dropping off is very painful for a business and sometimes if the trend continues for too long a time it can be fatal, but the question should be, why are sales falling off in the first place? It could be so many things but if I had to look at a business and speculate, the first thing I would ask is "what is the company doing with respect to their marketing and sales program."

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A Business Coach/Consultant is a Change Merchant

Being a business consultant/coach in today's ever-increasing competitive world frequently involves getting one's clients to consider making changes in their structures, systems, and procedures if they are to maximize the return they expect. Frequently my role is to become like a chiropractor for the business. Chiropractic which is now recognized as a legitimate approach to ensuring sustainable health is very different from the traditional medical route but it shares a common denominator.

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Mastering the Elevator Speech

Mastering the elevator speech: why is it important? Well for one thing, it really forces you to FOCUS on not just what it is that you do but it speaks to that thing that we some times refer to as your core competency. My own business coach really encouraged me on this one! Create a 15 second speech that clearly and powerfully communicates what you do.

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Introducing the "I Factor"

We have all heard the tired old saw that "there is no I in team." Well let me challenge this by adding a corollary for your consideration. "There is an "I" in IMPACT." For teams to flourish each of the participants needs to know what their respective roles are so the team can maximize performance. In basketball, many of us know that there is a system that is commonly known as "man to man coverage."

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The Hail Mary

The Hail Mary Pass

One of the most exciting plays in football is when the quarterback, with everything on the line, throws the infamous Hail Mary pass. It is called that because, he throws it downfield into the end zone in the hopes (after he says his Hail Mary) that one of his team mates will catch it and win the game.

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Market to Market

To buy a fat pig, home again, home again...well you know the rest? In many respects, in business, some say, it's all about the marketing. I remember years ago the pork producers of America launched a campaign to "market" pork as "the other white meat." The premise was they wanted to expand their consuming audience to include people that were shying away from red meats in favor of healthier, leaner white meats.

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Let's Shake On It

How many business meetings have started and concluded with people shaking hands? How many deals have ended or never happened because of an inept or offensive "shake?" How many opportunities do each of us get on a regular basis at networking events, parties and other social gatherings, to capitalize on what has almost become a meaningless gesture?

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The Tao of Business Coaching

The Tao (pronounced Dow as in Dow Jones) of Coaching

Taking care of your business can be a great stress reducer and contribute to your overall state of health.

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