Excelleron Business Consulting, LLC  and Brendan J. Cunningham are highly trained professional business coaches. They are passionately dedicated to the success and advancement of their profession, their colleagues and the business owners they serve.

We sometimes quit even before we start. We don’t think we are strong enough sometimes or it is just simply impossible. But we have to endure it for in the end it is worth it. We need to give our best …

(After viewing the above video, please see final comments below)

Having said that, the first question you should be asking is, what makes the Excelleron Business Consulting, LLC Business Coach Different From Other Coaches?  Quite simply stated, the vast majority of coaches that you may meet are trained as personal/life coaches. That’s just the FACT. While they may be fine personal coaches, it doesn’t necessarily follow that they are good business coaches. A good business coach has a business background, and has been extensively trained in all areas of business. They should have an assortment of tools specifically designed for business to help you with the challenges you face each day as you try to run your company. This is in addition to traditional coach training.

Don’t be fooled! The typical response that a personal/life coach who is posing as a legitimate business coach is this: “All of your business problems are personal problems. If you just do what you know you should be doing, you will improve your business.” Hello! If you knew what you should be doing, wouldn’t you already be doing it?

Just because you own a business, it does not mean that you are an expert on marketing, sales, customer service, financial management, human resources, systems design, management and leadership. A real business coach will help you fill in the gaps not simply make you more personally effective.

question mark iconIf you are interviewing coaches, make sure you ask them the following questions:

  • What resources are available to you to help me with my business challenges?
  • How will you help me in the area of marketing?
  • How will you help me to improve my sales successes?
  • How will you help me improve my customer service?
  • How will you help me hire better, train employees better, and motivate them more effectively?
  • What programs do you have to help me systemize my business so that I can work less?
  • Where were you trained to be a business coach?
  • How often do you get additional business training?

Something else to consider…

We are not merely a member of some franchised coaching operation who might be using boiler plate tools and standardized methodologies. Many of the instruments and methodologies are specific to Excelleron and we have the distinct honor of often being introduced by our clients to their associates with words like, friend, trusted advisor, mentor and their personal Mr. Miyogi as we get them to wax on and wax off in their businesses.

Final Comments:

Something that is crucial to keep in mind on how we work:  when we interface with our clients a pre-requisite is that they must be what we describe as being “next level oriented.” What does that mean?  For our relationship to produce the maximum outcome the client has to want to sincerely want to make the changes necessary to achieve the results they want and get to the next level.  It might be the next level in production, the next level in profitability, or the next level of control in their lives so that they are running their businesses and the businesses are not running them. Lots of people say that they want to make the necessary changes but frankly it is less than lip service.  If you watched the video above you realize that extraordinary results are possible (if you are coachable and you want to get to your goal).  Just talking about it is not enough for either of us. If you want to truly get to the next level, we’ll get you there. And the results will be just like in the video, we’ll take you further than you thought you could ever go.

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