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stacy lymberStacy Lymber

Director of Strategy and Change
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"Change is the ultimate process of all living things." So said Star Trek's Mr. Spok and because of that we are proud to have Stacy join our organization where she gets a daily workout confronting this never ending reality.

For the record, Stacy Lymber has been and continues to be a highly skilled & sought after Lifestyle Consultant. She also serves as a Business Manager for high-net-worth, high-profile sports/entertainment/executive individuals and others. Her degree in Athletic Training, and her 15 years in the Sports Medicine industry, makes her the perfect fit for what we do at Excelleron in that she is prewired to be Performance Oriented. This work has allowed her to take athletes who have needed rehabilitation on their bodies, and transform and support them as they have learned to manage their lives. They then could begin the important work together to determine their post-athletic career paths. Ms. Lymber has consulted and managed her clients in areas that include but are not limited to: Estate Management, Staff Recruitment, Image Branding & Crisis Management, Marketing & Public Relations, Event Planning & Foundation Management, and Social Media Training.

Her vast experience in public speaking and her ability to serve as a liaison & representative to VIPs, the press, as well as, the public, make her invaluable to any growth oriented team. Her ability to act as a critical thinker, and her highly developed organizational skills with a relentless eye for attention to detail (in areas including anticipating needs and resolving issues, creating and organizing events, financial management and record keeping) make her a virtual department for any business. This alone, makes her an incredible cost saver especially for the small to medium sized emerging company

It is frequently said that Stacy is, "Always willing to go the extra mile and give beyond what is needed.

  • Proficiencies: Career Path Development, Strategic Business Planning, Staff Hiring, Public Relations, Image Consulting & Reputation Management, Event Planning & Foundation Management, Social Media Management, Household Organization

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