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With a series of programs that are frequently requested or custom speaking arrangements to fit your specific needs, Excelleron can help you to implement changes that will help effect your bottom line.

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Excelleron Business Consulting offers a variety of services to help you and your business succeed. From one-to-one business coaching to group brainstorming and the Mastermind technique, Excelleron will customize a program that works for you. Learn more about how Excelleron can help you and your business read more.

  • Dennis Atkinson, Creekside Funding

    "Brendan has been instrumental with selflessly helping me grow my business..  I attended a number of Brendan’s speaking engagements, in which I was very impressed with his excitement..."

  • Amanda L Buczek, President, July 2010

    "Brendan is a fantastic resource for Buczek Enterprises. He has given us ideas and support to help take us to a new level. Thank you Brendan!"

  • David J. Llewellyn, Organizational Development Consultant

    "As a devotee of the Myers-Briggs I was curious, but skeptical about the claim that I could so quickly be supplied with useful information about myself and my team..."

  • PJ Martin Smith, Realogy Corporation

    "Brendan consistently achieves optimal outcomes by focusing on the Results. He methodically researches and analyzes an environment then systemically builds..."

  • James Engel, St. Aubin

    "We have found Extended DISC® to be an extremely useful and popular tool in a variety of contexts. We have used it to help build interpersonal results in sales, customer service..."

Laura La Congo

One of Buffalo "Business First's" 40 top Executives under 40

"With Brendan’s guidance and knowledge from “start to finish” I was able to open another location (develop a franchise model of current business), start & complete our shampoo and fragrance line, trademark of business and products all within 9 months, yes 9 months.

This was a dream that I never thought was possible. We achieved more in that period of time than my business had accomplished in 10 years."


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