The History of Coaching

history of coaching man coaching future basketball superstarCoaching has probably existed as long as people have inhabited the earth. For centuries, the world’s athletes, painters and artists, even kings, rulers, and generals, have employed personal coaches to develop and enhance their performance. Coaching in sports is familiar to us all, and indeed business, executive and life skill coaching derive many principles from sports psychology.

In the 1960′s, especially in the United States, the sports coaching model began to be adopted by the business world. During the last thirty years or so further morphing occurred, and learning and development have become critical features of businesses and organizations.  This has been further necessitated by the rapid changes in a global market. So simply put, coaching models based on the principles of psychology and education evolved to meet the changing needs of businesses and organizations worldwide.  Even the casual observer will note that right now, coaching for small business owners, corporations, and public institutions is proliferating at an extraordinary rate.

Today coaching’s success is transforming people.  Additionally, the concept  has “taken on legs” and it has expanded to large corporations and become the well-accepted paradigm known as  “executive coaching.”  This is a proven way to help technical superstars become more effective in executive positions.  And not surprisingly, due to the incredible successes that corporations found, coaching is now available to smaller businesses through what is commonly referred to as “business coaching.”

As one might imagine, the results received by coaching clients have been very exciting.  But more importantly, it has been proven in multiple independent studies, that coaching provides a more than ample “return on investment.”

We have seen studies that show from 500% ROI to 1000% ROI for executives and businesses who are being coached!  And since the results are compounded year after year, we are talking about serious money going directly to the bottom line.

As the profession moved into the small business market, there were a host of new challenges. The standard coaching model of focusing on personal development alone was far less effective for the small business owner.  The reason was simple:  because the business owner was the hub of every activity that was taking place within the company, they were faced with a wider variety of business challenges.

Conversely, however, they had fewer resources to overcome them.  As a result of this evolution some of our clients have come to think of us as a personal physical trainer for their business. That is why we are constantly adding new programs and services to meet these challenges, and as a part of the Excelleron business model we will continue to do so and are proud Affiliate Members of the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC) and the International Coaching Network.

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