Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What types of businesses and industries does Excelleron Business Consulting, LLC support?

A: The foundation blocks of any business are in many ways astoundingly alike. In that regard, your consultant/coach has had sufficient prior experience in personally owning and managing a good variety of businesses, so you will not be at a loss. Over and above this fact, we have access to a wide array of resources from which to drawn industry specific ratios and performance factors.

Q: Is Excelleron Business Consulting. LLC able to work with me on an exit strategy when it comes time for an eventual ownership transfer?

A: Many owners believe that their business does not operate effectively without their continual presence. If that’s truly the case, what is the business worth? In these circumstances, sad but true, a sudden absence of the owner would only return a “fire sale” value of assets alone. In order to gain full benefit from a future stream of earnings valuation, the business must demonstrate how it will smoothly function for a new, less experienced buyer/manager. Either a One-on-One Advisory Service or an Ownership Transition Workshop will allow you to focus on this (and many other important aspects).

Q:What about cost?

A: The cost of a business advisor should be viewed as an investment rather than an expense. In this regard, there should be a very clearly measured ROI (or return on investment). Excelleron Business Consulting, LLC holds a rule of thumb of not embarking upon a client relationship unless both parties can envision a second year, pre-tax return of a minimum 5 times investment. In the case of ownership transitions, a much greater measure can very often be contemplated.

Q: Will I be expected to "sign up" for a long term contract?

A: Although the spirit of the understanding is to work together for twelve months or more, the Excelleron Business Consulting, LLC advisor agreement allows a client to stop at any point. In fact, if after commencing, it becomes apparent that, for whatever reason, a satisfactory return is not possible, either party can suggest discontinuing.

Q: How do we begin?

A: The procedure is quite painless. Simply contact Excelleron Business Consulting, LLC to make an appointment. After a 30 minute confidential conversation we can usually determine both your individual needs and whether there may be a fit with an appropriate program.

Q: How do I know if Excelleron Business Consulting, LLC is right for my company?

A: Not all client/advisor relationships will work and neither do we claim to hold boundless resources to service your particular market. As such, three critical factors should be considered before committing to working with us: a) Can the organization strategically grow in sufficient time to justify the investment, b) Is the Business Owner open to personal development and change, and finally, c) Is there a fit between the Business Owner and the Advisory in question?

Q: I’m confused about the term "coaching", with what seems to be a multitude of conflicting services?

A: Not surprisingly confused, "coaching" has become an overused term that can mean many things. There are: life coaches, executive coaches, career coaches, health coaches, personal coaches, sales coaches, transition coaches, leadership coaches, ADD coaches, mentor coaches, management coaches, real estate coaches, retirement coaches and so on. As for business coaches, anyone with no real proven business education and applied management background can actually pose as a "Business Coach". In other words, be careful in your selection.  Then, before trusting someone with costly fees and your business future, why not do some credential research and reference checks to prove them out.

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