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The B. E. T. A. System Analyses Tool

Many of you who are either just starting out in business, and those of you that feel like you have been working in the salt mines for 25 years or more, may find yourselves hoping for answers as to which path or strategy you should take next in an effort to reach that all too illusive "next level."  As we like to say at Excelleron, "hope is a lousy strategy." The Business Effectiveness Tactical Analyses Tool (The B.E.T.A. Program) developed exclusively by Excelleron Business Consulting, LLC as the result of over 2 decades of working with business clients goes beyond giving you the answers you are looking for and will give you insights on how to best maximize your Return on Investment, both in terms of time and money..

Like the names of most other Greek letters, the name of beta was adopted from the acrophonic name of the corresponding letter in Phoenician, which was the common Semitic word *bayt ('house') a variable in mathematics and physics, where it often has specific meanings for certain applications. Thus the BETA System Analyses tool is the first thing we do to get your Business’s "house in order."

Implementing it will help you address and analyze just how effective you and your company may or may not be in nearly 1 dozen different areas that include but are not limited to:

Human Resources: How do you get the right people on YOUR bus, the wrong people off YOUR bus and the right people in the right seats?

We take a look at who or what you’re hiring (or maybe who you should be firing) and how that methodology operates. 

Customer Service: Isn't that what happens before, during and after the sale?

We review the “little things” that make your customer’s experience unique, and we are always looking for new ways to enhance their experience with your product or service.

Financial Management: What do all those numbers mean?

We will use Key Performance Indicators to measure the effectiveness of marketing, sales, customer service, etc. that way you will know how to truly analyze your financial report card? 

Your Business Systems: What’s o YOUR mind?  We will find out especially if your system "in your head?"

We identify all tasks in the business that you are currently handling routinely and also the ones that could be improved by better systems.

Leadership: Everyone has a Leadership Style? What’s YOURS and how is it working for you?

Is your company’s Mission & Vision statement, communicated to the appropriate people? We ensure that there is a mechanism for congruency throughout the business from the top management right down to the rank and file.

Marketing: Are you paying too much to reach your target market?

Is your marketing message consistent across all media that you are currently using or perhaps considering?
Sales: Are enough of your suspects being converted to prospects and are they being converted to actual sales? We review and implement (if necessary) a system to track sales to determine trends, strengths, market share, etc.

Profit Margins: What’s the bottom line…Are YOU making any money?

We determine the profit margins of the various products and services you provide and review all expense components of the cost of sales to ensure that they are the lowest they can be while not sacrificing results. By carefully reviewing and analyzing each of these key areas, you will learn how to effectively start running your business rather than having it run YOU.

Personal and Life/Work Balance: Are you working more and enjoying it less?

We will develop strategies so that you can begin to think like the guy who said, "Find out what you like to do and you will never have to go to work again." We will establish benchmarks for a good balance of work, play and rest. Everything works better when you work hard and balance it with the proper rest and rejuvenation.

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