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With a series of programs that are frequently requested or custom speaking arrangements to fit your specific needs, Excelleron can help you to implement changes that will help effect your bottom line.

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Excelleron Business Consulting offers a variety of services to help you and your business succeed. From one-to-one business coaching to group brainstorming and the Mastermind technique, Excelleron will customize a program that works for you. Learn more about how Excelleron can help you and your business read more.

  • The Sitar Realty Company

    Residential Division Oncor International recognizes Brendan J. Cunningham as an expert in the field and quotes him as such on their website no fewer than 8 times. 

  • Gary Occhino, PGA Golf Professional

    "Since working with Brendan Cunningham, my small business revenue has increased by 30% over an 18 month period...I have now created an online version of my business and have begun exploring an entirely new space... "

  • Laura La Congo, Top 40 under 40

    "With Brendan’s guidance and knowledge from “start to finish” I was able to open another location (develop a franchise model of current business), start and complete our shampoo and..."

  • David and Diagana Nathan, Hunt

    "...Brendan set the bar... Brilliant & Aggressive ...a genuine intellectual, and yet his was a leadership that inspired, assisted, & always helped without ever intimadating."

  • Becky Powell, Stovroff & Taylor

    "Brendan is an unbelievable and integral part of any business plan. His level of knowledge and experience is unsurpassed in the industry and matched with a peerless sense of enthusiasm that he brings to each and every client."

Business Consulting & Executive Coaching

man buried under pile of papersNow...you’re in business, or perhaps you’ve been in business for shall we say, a while? Either way, congratulations and kudos to you, because based on the most recent changes in the economy that’s a pretty courageous thing to be doing right now.

Frankly, business today is not for the faint hearted. If you need a system that goes beyond simple, conventional, executive coaching, regardless of whether your company is in Hamburg, New York (or any other part of WNY), from Buffalo to Boston MA, from Dallas Texas to Fort Lauderdale FL; business is business and it’s a jungle out there.

If you agree, then read on...

  • Ask yourself, who do you go to for advice on the toughest decisions on hiring (or firing)? Do you even have a "trusted advisor"?
  • What do you do when you need to weigh the options of increasing production and reducing inventory?
  • Where do you turn when sales are falling and your competition is grabbing your market share and you feel like your business strategy has entered into survival mode?
  • Perhaps, just getting through till the end of the week might even be viewed as an accomplishment? Yikes!
  • Maybe all you really need to do is actually develop a Written Business Plan or learn to make the one you have work for you.
  • Or maybe you and your company are on the other side of the scale and you find that you are in a serious growth mode. Now “getting the right people on the bus, getting the wrong people off of the bus, and getting the right people in the right seats” is even more crucial than ever before.
  • Or better still, your company is making money but you’re just not quite sure where it all went to at the end of the year (month). Somehow your fiscal house is just not in order. Ask yourself again, are you relying on friends, relatives, staff people, or other personnel who may or may not be equipped to handle these kinds of challenges? (As scary as this sounds, this is the Number 1 reason that small to medium sized business’s seemed to get side tracked today.)

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar? If you said, “Yeah, that kind of sounds like me,” there is a very practical and effective alternative. There is a way to get the job done. Isn’t it time you started running your business like a business, rather than having it run you? Are you ready to face the difficult decisions? Are you ready to make serious changes in your business that have been keeping you up awake at night.? If you answered, yes...it’s time.

It’s time to call...Excelleron.

Excelleron Business Consulting, LLC not just WNY’s premier Business Consulting and Executive Coaching firm, but the nation's. Our programs turn “Frustrated” Entrepreneurs into “Focused and Successful” Business Owners.

Contact us for a free consultation, or to review: speaking events, business coaching and executive development. Or if you like you can simply email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for your FREE On-line Business Effectiveness Evaluation today.

"He helped me create a vision which grew my existing business and created two more. He is an excellent resource for any business owner looking to take their business to the next level. I'd highly recommend Brendan and he has become a valued business partner to our organization."
-William Cain, President Virtus Graphic Communications

I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum capabilities.
- Bob Nardelli, CEO Home Depot


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